Today's Whodunnit: the story so far

Ryan Smyth tells Kings he'd prefer to rejoin Oilers

[...S]ources tell TSN the 35-year-old left winger has indicated to the Kings his preference would be to play next season in Edmonton if a trade can be worked out. [...] Sources say the Oilers' management team may only be lukewarm to the idea of Smyth returning "home." [...] Some believe he's precisely the type of veteran mentor who would do a good job working alongside the Oilers' youngsters. Others aren't so sure of the merits of a potential homecoming. The Kings and Oilers have not had substantive trade talks by any means, but both organizations are well aware of the existing situation. That is, in a perfect world, Smyth has indicated he would like to return "home" to the Edmonton Oilers.

Wrighting a wrong in the smyth trade? | Edmonton Journal

[Ryan Smyth:] "Holy Cow…that’s the first I’ve heard of that. I have not asked for a trade. I have a year left on my contract. We’ve got some good things here," said Smyth.

Bob McKenzie (tsnbobmckenzie) on Twitter

For the record, I stand by my story 100 per cent. Totally accurate in every regard. Not much else I can say beyond that. Speaks for itself.

Helene Elliott (helenenothelen) on Twitter

Dean lombardi confirms he had talks with Ryan Smyth "but I would like to keep those discussions private." other source: smyth wants out for family reasons. kings and oilers have had trade talks but talks have dragged.

And, me? I believe...everyone.

  • Bob McKenzie doesn't make **** up.
  • It would be weird for Ryan Smyth to lie.
  • Dean Lombardi says he has had talks with Ryan Smyth, which doesn't contradict Smyth's denial that he asked for a trade.
  • McKenzie never said explicitly that Smyth asked for a trade.
  • I (and the rest of the free world who gives a ****) inferred that from McKenzie reporting that Smyth's "preference would be to play next season in Edmonton if a trade can be worked out."
  • So...he didn't ask for a trade, but he expressed a preference to someone about a trade occurring.
  • And that someone couldn't be with the Oilers, as that would be tampering.
  • Lombardi says he's had talks with Ryan Smyth on this subject.
  • Does this make Lombardi the source or one of the sources or the boss of one of the sources? Sounds like it.
  • Helene Elliott has an additional source saying that Smyth prefers Edmonton for family reasons, which makes sense.
  • This source also confirms that the Kings and Oilers have been talking trade, but talks have "dragged."
  • This fits with McKenzie's source or sources who say that Edmonton is "lukewarm" on the idea of Smyth's return.
  • And now, by virtue of this leak, we have polls showing that Oiler fans are 90% in favor of Smyth returning. (hat-tip Rudy).
  • Does that shift the pressure to Steve Tambellini? Or does it just piss him off? And what about Smyth? Since he knows who he expressed his preference to, he knows who the leak is. If it's Lombardi or a proxy of Lombardi, what does that do to his warm, fuzzy Kings feelings?