Told You So 2.0 (WARNING: Kovalchuk content)

$3MM fine, no cap penalty, loss of 2011 3rd round pick, loss of 1st round pick in one of 2011-2014, Lou's choice.


No. Like I said:

About Those Penalties... - Jewels From The Crown
I keep reading that the fact that Bloch said the Devils and IK acted in good faith that the contract was in compliance with the CBA somehow means that penalties can't therefore be assessed. This is simply not true. The CBA doesn't make any distinction between an intent to circumvent and an action that has the effect of circumventing. It does not say that an "effect of" circumvention is a lesser charge than an "intent to" circumvention. It does not say anything at all about a standard requiring "intent" be shown as a prerequisite for penalties. [...] Bettman can have his penalties if he wants them. It's at his discretion. [...] In the Toronto case, a couple of years ago, they docked the team a draft pick, and there was no intent to circumvent at all. That in and of itself is evidence that the intent issue is a non-starter. So it would be weird if he didn't levy some kind of punishment [...]

Frankly, I'm disappointed that the league and the NHLPA agreed (as part of their amendment negotiation) that the league could assess fines without the required cap penalty -- but I imagine that was something the league had to relinquish in order to make the amendment happen.

Anyway, once Lou dumps a few million in salary, this chapter will be closed...just in time for hockey to start.