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Too Much Free Time

Do You Take the Kings to Win it All at 10/1 Odds?

The Kings are one of the Vegas favorites to win the 2015-16 Stanley Cup.

LA Kings Using Time Off to Post Photos Like This

What do you do when you miss the playoffs? You tweet. A lot.

Who Would you Protect in an Expansion Draft?

If an expansion draft happened today, the Kings would certainly lose a player or two. Time to decide who's important.

Kings Links: Muzzin Stays, Kitsyn Joins

The Kings signed Jake Muzzin to a 2yr/2m contract. They also signed Russian prospect Maxim Kitsyn. Elsewhere, the Edmonton Oilers added another skilled forward to their lineup.

Why Hasn't Dustin Penner Been Signed (By Anyone)?

We're on Day 6 of free agency, and Dustin Penner remains an unrestricted free agent. Here's (possibly) why.

JftC iPhone app!

Whose system is this anyway?

Somebody else's thoughts on somebody else's system

Lombardi Evaluation Evaluation

"Fat Goalie Fallacy" and "Hockey Luvin' Homos" export hockey to the political pages

Becoming a lefty.

In the West: How many points will it take?

All-Time All-Kings All-Stars: Rosters and Lines for the NHL 11 Challenge (a.k.a. The Bob Miller Cup)

Final Results of the All-Kings All-Time All-Star Draft

All-Time All-Kings All-Stars All-Mock Draft

Kings Reserve List (2011 Update)

"50 contract limit" - a team must have between 27 and 50 players under contract. There are some funky rules related to this, the main ones being that players playing in Europe (e.g. Fransson) and players under the age of 20 still playing in juniors, even if under contract (e.g. Schenn), don't count against the limit.