Town Crier: Your Kings News Roundup (4/22/12)

So hey, remember the LA Kings? You know, that team we all love that's been waiting for THREE DAYS because of FRIGGIN' COLDPLAY for another shot at moving on to the second round?

They play tonight. Finally. We're just hours away from the 5 pm PST start time as I write this. But as I'm sure you all know, the last few hours can seem like they take days. So I will now present you with some links to hopefully help pass the time.

Maybe we'll get lucky and Caps-Bruins can go like 3 OTs or something. That would kill some time!

Game 5 Previews

  • Let's start with Lisa Dillman's preview from the LA Times. Some decent quotes here from Sutter, Mitchell, and a few others. Also points out rightly that as much as these three days off may have helped Daniel (and let's be honest, judging by his Game 4 performance I'm not so sure how much more healing he needed to do anyway), it also probably helped Jeff Carter, who's been playing on a bum ankle throughout this series. Let's hope he builds on a decent Game 4 and maybe throws in a point or two this time. [LA Times]
  • Over at Kings Insider, Rich Hammond has more from Willie Mitchell on how well he knows the Sedins. "I know them really well." he says. Sounds like he knows them really well, guys! Although I question Hammond's headline: "Mitchell knows the Sedins better than anyone." Oh yeah? Better than THEIR MOTHER?! Even worse, what if their mother reads this and breaks down into tears because she realizes she really doesn't know her sons very well anymore? I bet you're gonna feel like crap, Hammond! [Kings Insider]
  • Gann Matsuda has yet more quotes from Kings players leading into Game 5, although his articles come complete with the actual audio (because he's awesome). [Frozen Royalty]
  • Had enough of generic quotes about covering the Sedins for one lifetime? Would you like to stare at pictures of really goofy looking dudes instead? I bet you can figure out where that kind of preview comes from (if not, hope you're enjoying your first day as an LA Kings fan on the internet!). [Battle of Cali]
  • The Royal Half checks in with some quick Twitter highlights. Yes, this is our second straight preview that has nothing to do with the game, but whatevs. He does have a link at the end to some audio with a Canucks blogger discussing the actual game, if you're into that sort of thing. Of course you might just want to read idiot Canucks fans make asses out of themselves via Twitter, no judgment. [TRH]
  • Nucks Misconduct starts off our opposition previews. They try and do this whole song thing but it doesn't really work. [NM]
  • I'm not usually one for making fun of other people's names (for good reason), but this dude's name at the Vancouver Sun is "Elliott Pap". Is it wrong of me to just assume he got his butt kicked every day at recess for like all of elementary school (and possibly middle school too?). Oh yeah this is another preview. [VS]

Other Kings News

  • There isn't any, really! It's all about the game tonight, folks. Please please win. /

Other NHL News

  • Earlier today, the Penguins were eliminated in game 6. So yes, even after the ZOMG MOMENTUM~! of winning Games 4 & 5 after getting down 3-0, the Pens were still closed out relatively easily once Philadelphia came back home. Just saying. [Broad Street Hockey] [Pensburgh]
  • #2 Boston Bruins vs. #7 Washington Capitals is in the final few minutes of the 3rd period, tied 3-3, on NBC as I write this, with the Caps looking to knock out the defending Cup Champions. Later tonight, of course, YOUR LA KINGS~! look to do the same to the defending Western Conference champs. Puck drop is at 5:10 pm PST, on FS West if you're in LA and NBC Sports Network if you're not (or CBC if you're Canadian, I keep forgetting our Canadian friends in these updates).
  • I'll leave you with this. Enjoy. [Great Vancouver Canucks]