Tuesday Kings Links: Kompon to Blackhawks, Bernier/Leafs Rumors, Hickey and Muzzin Sign

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Stanley Cup Fun

We're counting down the minutes until the Cup DVD is released. Puck Daddy brings us a cool sneak preview.

Mitchell, Greene, Penner, Brown, and Luc with the interviews? Oh heck yes.

Open discussion questions after the jump.

1. Supposing a trade does go down, are there any players/prospects you'd like to get for Bernier playing on Columbus or Toronto? Picks only?

2. Was Kompon the main problem with our power play, or was it more the fault of the players? What will happen in Chicago?

3. How much Stanley Cup swag do you have or plan to get? I'm getting all the DVDs. I still want a Christmas ornament and a few more shirts. And some magazines. And a beer stein. ...Maybe everything.

There's a lot to be said for pent-up demand.