Twitter Fans React to the Tyler Toffoli Trade

Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of tears and sentimentality

The Tyler Toffoli news hit fans hard. Much like an earthquake, it rocked fans and the aftershocks of information slowly dripping out continued that unstable feeling. Confused and slightly disoriented, fans have taken to Twitter to express their sorrow and disappointment at the trade. It may be a business, but it’s definitely one of the more difficult aspects of sports.

Here are some quick reactions from fans:

Mascot Bailey chimed in as well:

LA Kings Insider Jon Rosen tweeted this sweet sentiment:

Voice of the Kings Dave Joseph said this:

Our pals Thx Bud cannot yet bring themselves to the inevitable change:

Although I think Gustl summed up our feelings pretty accurately:

And bonus: because he is awesome, Eric (@Kingsgifs on Twitter) made a thread of some memorable moments and interviews from Toffoli’s career.

But at least one person is happy?

Yes, yes that is Vancouver Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini tweeting.

What’s your favorite memory of this sweet, young Cupcake? Was it his angel picture with former Kings winger Tanner Pearson? How about his unbelievable buzzer beater in Boston? Maybe it was setting up the Stanley Cup clinching goal in Game 5 against the New York Rangers. Whatever it is, comment with your thoughts on the trade below!