UPDATE: Kings Pre-Olympic Mini-Season -- record so far? 2-0-0

Not bad. 18 games till the break.

6 against the East: BUF, TOR, BOS x2, NJD, NYR

12 against the West: SJS x2, DET x3, ANA x3, STL, CBJ, EDM, COL

against teams ahead of the Kings league-wide: 5

against the 7 teams in the 3rd to 10th log-jam: (4) DET x3, COL

back-to-back: (1) NJD, 1/31 after BOS 1/30

two days off: 5

one day off: 13

home/away: 12/6

Kings are 25-15-3, 53 points (that's a 101 point pace). The target for the mini-season is 24 of the 40 points possible, which is now 20 out of the remaining 36 possible. That’s, 10-8-0, or somewhere in the neighborhood of 9-7-2, if you assume the Kings will have one or two OTSOLs over twenty games. They would then be 34-22-5, 73 points, 21 games left.