Vegas Golden Knights Unveiled, Avoid Stealing Kings’ Colors

The logo is sharp, and more importantly, has gold in it!

The Kings are going to have a new division rival in Las Vegas in 2017-18, and there’s been a lot of curiosity over the new name and logo.

Once it became clear that the preferred name — “Knights” — would face copyright issues, they narrowed it down to Desert Knights, Golden Knights, and Silver Knights. My only worry was that Nevada’s NHL team would be black/white, or silver/black/white, as the Kings are unique to the NHL in having a primary logo/jersey with no secondary color that’s... you know... a color.

Plus, Knights and Kings are kind of similar names as it is. A silver logo with “Knights” in it could have looked uncomfortably like:

So the new Vegas name and logo is a victory on two counts: it has gold in it, and it’s pretty sweet. The “V” in the helmet is especially clever. From the team’s official Twitter account:

So welcome to the Pacific, you Vegas Golden Knights, you. Sure, the name is a mouthful, but at least it’ll be easy to tell them apart from the Kings when the two teams face off. And that’s what REALLY matters here. Hi Ho Silver!