Visnovsky of the Oilers is about 23.43 per cent - Cult of Hockey

Warning signs for Oil as Visnovsky doesnt even look like half the player he used to be.If Lubomir Visnovsky wasnt the Edmonton Oilers best defenceman last season before his season-ending shoulder injury see photo, the best was Sheldon Souray.But Visnovsky was right up there, a wheeling, dealing, racing, skating puckmeister with the range factor of Ozzie Smith.Whats the old saying -- the seven seas cover 90 per cent of the world, Lubomir Visnovsky covers the rest.Something like that.In Wednesday nights game against Calgary, a 5-3 loss to the Flames, Visnovsky struggled badly.Hes clearly still recovering from his shoulder surgery, and from what Ive seen so far, Im betting it could well be 20 or 30 games into the season before we see anything approaching the Lubomir Visnovsky of old.This is bad, bad, bad, bad news for the Oilers.