What Can We Take From This?

My fears of the Los Angeles Kings being beaten were confirmed Wednesday night when they faced the Colorado Avalanche, and then it was firmly driven home when they faced the St. Louis Blues last night. The myriad of penalties came in bunches for the Kings in both games, but too many PKs in the first game and not enough effort with the PPs last night equals only one point gained in the standings. That's not to say there wasn't effort in the first game; the Kings game back to tie it from trailing 3-1. The effort was present and accounted for, but the shootout was the heart breaker when Ryan Smyth hit the post after he completely beat Craig Anderson on the last attempt of the game.

Last night was definitely not as exciting overall as virtually every games has been so far. The constant back-and-forth because of missed passes made me hit fast forward more times than I care to admit. I hope these types of efforts are left at home because they don't belong at practices nor in game times. Also, If Jonathan Quick doesn't get pulled from the net because of defensive breakdowns and accidental redirected shots, I'll be happy. But I have to say congrats to Anze Kopitar for notching his 33rd goal of the season and Dustin Brown for his sweet backhanded, top shelf goal.

From here on out, the Kings have two more back-to-backs with the last occurring at the very end of the season. Perhaps the Kings can gain four points in the next two games against the Dallas Stars and Minnesota Wild, respectively.

How should the Kings approach the rest of the season?

Nothing. Keep shaking your tail feathers.18
Switch Jonathan Quick and Erik Ersberg.6
Push Alexander Frolov to less than 10 minutes a game consistently.1
Give Jack Johnson some shooting lessons from the point.7
Sacrifice every animal on the farm.11