What I predicted and what happened

This was a month ago:

Baseless Predictions - Jewels From The Crown

I got bored, so I looked at everyone's schedules and played out the rest of the season in my mind. Here's the final standings in the West:

1. Chicago Blackhawks - 111 pts
2. Phoenix Coyotes - 107 pts
3. Vancouver Canucks - 103 pts
4. San Jose Sharks - 106 pts
5. Colorado Avalanche - 101 pts
6. Los Angeles Kings - 99 pts
7. Detroit Red Wings - 96 pts
8. Nashville Predators - 95 pts
9. Calgary Flames - 91 pts
10. Dallas Stars - 89 pts
11. St. Louis Blues - 85 pts

I am frankly surprised at my own predictive powers. Yes, I got several things wrong; that's my style, as you know. But I also got an inordinate number of things right.

  • First of all, please notice, I got every one of the first round match-ups exactly right. This is funny, because I only got two of the seeds right (3 and 6). But the teams jockeyed around just so, and the matchups I predicted (and the home ice advantages) came true.
    Even though I got most of the seeds wrong, I scored direct hits or close enough on several point totals.
    Phoenix and Vancouver I nailed exactly.
  • Chicago, Calgary and Dallas, I was off by 1 point. The Kings, off by 2.
    Colorado I overestimated by 6; Detroit I underestimated by 6. Thus, their swapped positions.
  • Nashville off by 5. St. Louis off by 5.
  • San Jose off by 7.
    That's five I got with unprecedented (for me) accuracy, and six I was way off. I think that's pretty good. /