What Number Will Willie Mitchell Wear?

Since, you know, 8 is taken.

In case you're keeping score at home, the Kings now are a couple million from the cap ceiling, if you assume -- as I do -- that Brayden Schenn, Kyle Clifford and Jacob Muzzin are making the team. Which puts the likelihood of the Kings even re-entering the conversation about Kovalchuk at about zero.

Sean O'Donnell and Alexander Frolov, out. Willie Mitchell and Alexei Ponikarovsky, in. That's an upgrade (watch Fro score 40 goals now).

Randy Jones and Raitis Ivanans, out. Jacob Muzzin and Kyle Clifford, in.

Teddy Purcell out, Brayden Schenn in.

Erik Ersberg out, Jonathan Bernier in.

These are estimates. Your results may vary. Many nice Mitchell videos after the jump:

Willie Mitchell takes one in the face and off the foot (via VanCity12)

Mitchell Levels Toews - Canucks at Blackhawks - 10.21.09 - HD (via CanucksHD)

Vancouver Canucks: Willie Mitchell Scrum (via RKOAdjustment0000)

Willie Mitchell vs. Chris Pronger (via fcfightlog)

Willie Mitchell Save (via TEHDUGGLER)

Willie Mitchell vs Jarome Iginla Oct 11, 2008 (via hockeyfightsdotcom)