Who ARE these guys?! What do they WANT?! [Game #20 Preview - OTT]

Who are they? Ottawa Senators

What do they want? I actually have no idea what they want. My mind's a blank.

What's their ****ing problem? Injured: Mike Fisher is DTD.

Who the **** do they think they are? (IN) Sergei Gonchar; (OUT) Matt Cullen, Anton Volchenkov, Jonathan Cheechoo.

What, are we supposed to be scared? Don't know really. They've split games with Buffalo, Toronto, Carolina and Montreal, beat Phoenix, lost to St. Louis, Philly, Vancouver... They're on a three game losing streak. They've given up 17 goals in their last 3 games, 23 in their last 5. In other words, they're schizophrenic and mediocre. i.e. watch out.

I thought we were friends! Ex-Kings: none. All we've got is the Bryan vs. Terry Murray connection.

Bob Miller's Nightmare? Which Michalek is this and how do you say his name?

Yeah, well, wait till they get a load of: The Kings are riding a one game winning streak. Terry Murray has vowed to simplify the "pylon pentagon" power-play formation. The sky's the limit.