Your Drunken Stanley Cup Parade Moment Of Zen

What happens when you combine Dustin Brown, Matt Greene, Jonathan Quick, and Anze Kopitar on one parade bus after a few days of partying, then top it off with a little more beer?

Moments of tipsy philosophical beauty, that's what.

When you're on top of the world, you have to take time to reflect. Even if you're giggling a little too hard. You have all these profound thoughts and emotions to process.

Quick (between man hugs): A couple a years ago, you think this woulda happened?
Greene: Not a chance. Not a ****ing chance.
Quick: We were STREEEEEW-gel-in'! We were STREEEEEW-gel-in' a couple years ago!
Brown: Couple years ago -- today is the best day of my life!
...OTHER than yesterday.
(everyone laughs)
Greene: Yesterday was pretty ****ing fun, but today is...a really good time.
Kopitar (giggling): It's a really good time!
Quick (suddenly remembering Game 6): Day before was pretty fun too. Day before THAT was awesome
Kopitar: Day before was--preeeeetty gooooood
Greene: The best thing about today though, is that it's early!

That's right, Matt. Always keep it in perspective.

Blessed are the speechmakers.