You (a) are an idiot? (b) are pathologically rigid? (c) like to tempt fate? (d) are arrogant? (e) are just f***ing with us? (f) are Scrooge? (g) are Yoda? (h) are tired of everyone over-reacting to your sage stewardship?

Oh, that's just so stupid.

Monday practice update; Bernier starts " LA Kings Insider
Jonathan Bernier, not shutout-streak Jonthan Quick, will start in goal when the Kings host New Jersey tomorrow night. Terry Murray said he made that decision before Saturday’s game and told Bernier, and Murray cited the tough recent schedule and the fact that the Kings have three conference games after tomorrow.

Another good idea: pull the pitcher who's throwing a no-hitter going into the ninth inning because that was your plan before you knew he was going to do that.

I don't care what carefully worked-out plans you have to toss out, it's foolhardy to end a historic shut-out streak with a coaching decision. It's a good thing athletes aren't superstitious or anything. My rule would be: if a goalie takes it upon himself to stop everything for 188 minutes, you keep him in at least until he lets one in.