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JFTC's official podcast!

Jewelcast 3.1: Opening (Late) Night Ruminations

Jake from Fear the Fin is back again, presumably to gloat.

Jewelcast, Episode 2.7: A Very Reign-y Summer

talking Reign so we don't feel sad

Jewelcast 2.5B: Pavelskicast

Alternate title: So Much for the Battle of California

Jewelcast, Episode 2.4: LA-SJ Mid-Series Special!

Because there's no way you can sleep now.

Jewelcast 2.2: Sharks and Predators, Oh My

Cupcakes, hockey, and cupcakes.

Jewelcast 2.1: One Year Later...

For the first time on Jewelcast, we get to talk about the playoffs. Joy!

Jewelcast 34: The fake season's almost over

Let's discuss the end of the stupid, awful regular season with a Flames blogger, who I bet feels differently about it.

Jewelcast 33: All My Shorks

There's a soap oprea going on in San Jose, so it's time for Yet Another Sharks Episode.

Jewelcast 32: Literally the whole world edition

Maybe not literally.

Jewelcast 31: Outdoors Edition**

**podcast not actually recorded outdoors

Jewelcast 30: Too Tired

I made it back in time! Here's a podcast!

Jewelcast 29: Is it all-star break yet

Let's talk about the Kings' recent struggles with a San Jose Sharks fan! That sounds like fun!

Jewelcast 28: New Year Rangers

With the Kings-Rangers Stanley Cup Final rematch just around the corner, we'll tee it up with a pair of Blueshirt guests!

Jewelcast 27: Underground Kings Live

We'll preview tonight's upcoming game so, uh, maybe listen to this one live.

Jewelcast 26

No catchy subtitle for you.

Jewelcast 25: Six Months Later...

A tribute to our love of our own voices.

Jewelcast 24: Women in Hockey Blogging, Part 2

Of a roughly seven-hundred part series, probably.

Jewelcast 23: When Stars Align

The Kings-Stars season series is dead. Long live the Kings-Stars season series. Let's talk about Dallas one more time before we can all forget they exist for a good, long while.

Jewelcast 22: A Very Special Episode

Really, it is!

Jewelcast 21: Duck Duck Goose

The Kings will be at home this week to play the Ducks, and then they'll play them at Staples Center too! Let's chat about it.

Jewelcast Twenty: Chi-Town Blues

The Kings aren't the only elite team suddenly suffering from a whole lot of losing.

Jewelcast Nineteen: Shork Attack

Two guests for the price of one! Watch out for Shorks!

Jewelcast Eighteen

We'll talk about the thing none of us really want to talk about.

Jewelcast Seventeen: The one with Dunn in it

Yes, we've had the Sharks blogger from Battle of California on twice, so I suppose it makes sense to have the Kings blogger on too. We've put it off as long as we possibly can.

Jewelcast Sixteen: Season's Eve's Eve

With the start of another NHL season finally almost here, we'll be joined on tonight's show by Jon Rosen of LA Kings Insider to preview the Kings from every angle!

Jewelcast Fifteen: Black and Blue All Over

Fifteen is obviously a big milestone, so we'll celebrate it with a very special crossover episode! Hockey and baseball together, oh my!

Jewelcast Fourteen: Camping Like Kings

Training camps are underway! Preseason games have already started! SHOUTING! LOUD NOISES!

Jewelcast Thirteen: Oh god, the East

Are we really doing this? Well, okay.

Jewelcast Twelve: Analytics in Hockey

A special panel tackled the history behind hockey analytics and where it can go in the future.

Jewelcast Eleven: Centrally Located, Part 2

The Central Division preview wraps up with two good teams and also the Avalanche.

Jewelcast Ten: Centrally Located, Part 1

The Pacific Division preview is over, so we'll turn our attention to that other division in the good conference.

Jewelcast Nine: Women in Hockey Blogging

And now for something completely different.....