2013 Kings Season Review: Jonathan Quick

Just ahead of the opener, join us as we take a look at Quick's 2013 campaign.


Positives: Well in a word-- playoffs. Jonathan Quick bounced back from a miserable regular season and posted stellar numbers in the post-season. He finished with the 2nd best SV% and the 4th best even strength save percentage. 78% of his games qualified as quality starts.

As the Kings offense fell off a precipice, Quick found his stride. Since the Kings won the Cup, they've often been subject to misinformed accusations that they have been propped up by stellar goaltending. In the playoffs, that accusation hit a little closer to home.
Negatives: Even though Quick's performance in the post season has garnered him even more praise as being a clutch player, the reality is that his regular season numbers were so unsustainably poor that he was due to post some much improved numbers.

How poor was Quick in the regular season? His .902 Sv% and .910 ESSv% both qualified him for 10th worst in league among goalies who started 15 or more games. Not exactly what you'd want from a $5.8M a year goaltender.

Going Forward: Jonathan Bernier is finally gone and Jonathan Quick is even more clearly the Kings number one goaltender. However, it is interesting to note that not much separates the two in career save %. Bernier is at .912, while Quick is just three percentage points higher at .915.
At 27, Quick is getting paid an elite goaltender's salary. He's benefited from playing insanely hot in two straight post-seasons. Unfortunately for L.A., it's just not likely that Quick can consistently put up those kind of numbers in the playoffs. What he'll need to prove is that he wasn't a flash in the pan goaltender who got paid by getting hot at just the right time and steadily improve on his career numbers.

Grade: If you add Quick's regular season and post-season sv% you get .914. That is just about at his career regular season average and right around league average. The thing is average sv% in the post season is higher than the regular season. So even taking into account his stellar post season, Quick's numbers on the year as a were not impressive. Therefore, he gets a C- in out book.

How would you grade Jonathan Quick's '12-13 season?