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2014 Draft: Day Two Thread

No podiums today so that should expedite the process quite a bit. Today’s draft starts at 10 AM ET/7 AM PT on NHL Network and will repeat from 1:30-4:30 (PT) in case you’re absolutely dying to see something you may have missed.

The Kings don’t have a pick until 60 so we’ll see if Dean Lombardi can work his typical second round magic. However, he does have eight picks so he may (probably) package some of those to move up. Will we get another Valentin Zykov? Will Vlad Kamenev fall to 60 or to the Kings? I dunno, fingers crossed we get an exciting prospect.

Updates to follow throughout this process.

Update 1

The most intriguing prospects Ivan Barbashev and Thatcher Demko are off the board, although you wouldn’t know it because NHL Network keeps focusing on Craig Button. Please, dear God, MAKE THEM STOP.

Update 2

The NHL is apparently trying to make up for lost time or something because they are blowing through the selections today like they’re under the gun. Jeez.

My God, this is moving too fast.

Update 3

Well, he was likely going to sit in the press box anyway. But the Kings passed up a golden opportunity not taking Jack Dougherty (who went to the Perds).

And with the 60th overall pick…

Their next pick isn’t until 90 unless they trade up again. After that, it’s 120, 150, 157, 180, 209, 210. So we can sit back for a bit and relax. Phew what a crazy morning it’s been.

Update 4

NHL Network is the worst.


The Leafs did a thing and trades were made and then the Kings finally picked 120th.


With the last two picks in the NHL draft (and surprisingly, both used), the LA Kings have selected forward Spencer Watson at 209 and defenseman Jacob Middleton becomes Mr. Irrelevant at 210 overall. I’m sure there will be a list up here later of all the draft picks from the weekend.

Thank you everyone who chimed into the discussion below and have a lovely weekend. I’ll see you all back here soon to complain about something new 🙂

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