2019 Top 25 Under 25: Get your vote on

Ready to judge some teens?

Only a few short years ago, the Los Angeles Kings hardly had enough players in the system under the age of 25 to fill out a Top 25 Under 25 list, let alone have enough that you truly found yourself making hard decisions about ranking them.

That’s the thing about success, particularly the way Dean Lombardi went about it. Trade away draft picks and prospects for players who can help now. It brought the Kings two Stanley Cups, so we can’t complain, but also, oh boy was that prospect pool looking bleak for a while.

Thanks to two years of very full drafts, however, the Kings have built their pipeline back up and, this year, boast 44 players for you to choose from.

The staff of Jewels from the Crown will be submitting ballots to determine this year’s Top 25 Under 25, but we want your help! Use this ballot to select your top 25 players/prospects (1 being the highest-ranked, 2 being next, and so on) who are part of the Kings system.

Players are listed in alphabetical order by first name, along with their position and the main team with which they played during the 2018-19 hockey season.

Perhaps the easiest way to think about ranking them is to order them based on their current value to the organization. If you want to order them in another way — who’s got the best chance of making/sticking in the NHL? who’s simply the best players? who will have the biggest impact on the team? — that works too.


  1. Vote for 25 players. Any ballot with less than 25 players will be discarded.
  2. Yes, just to be clear: the first name you select should be your best-ranked player.
  3. Honor system here, but please submit only one ballot.
  4. This survey will close at 11:59 pm Pacific time on Wednesday, July 31. When you are done, complete your submission by clicking the Submit Survey button at the bottom of the ballot.

Once the votes are tallied, we will count down from 25 all the way to 1. Stay tuned to see who comes out on top!

If you have any questions or have difficulty with the form, please let us know in the comments, or send me an email (sarah.jftc@gmail.com). Have fun out there, kids.

To submit your entry to the Jewels from the Crown Top 25 Under 25 Ranking, click here.