A Warmer Welcome in LA

As you may know, Mike Richards was not exactly BFFs with a few reporters in Philly. Having read a sample of their work, however, I'm with him if he wants most of them to be eaten alive by fire ants.

Heidi Androl must have been a refreshing change, no? Welcome to LA!

The Dodgers game he will appear at also happens to be Fernandomania Bobblehead night. Something to treasure forever. (Please note this is not to be confused with LA Kings Night, which is Friday, July 29th. Penner, Stoll, and Lewis are attending that one. Trevor deserves a service medal and a hug. [It would be funny if Penner and Stoll cancel at the last minute -Q])

Wednesday brings the full Mike Richards luncheon and press conference. The Q&A portion will be streamed live at 1 PM PST on LAKings.com.

If this is anything like the Gagne visit, they will feast on Smartwater and snacks. Smartwater is full of electrolytes! We treat our stars right. Richards will even have a chance to wear our jersey, instead of having his face awkwardly Photoshopped above one.

Lombardi will also be on hand to provide local color, and duck questions about Doughty. Don't miss it.