After 10 games, 12 points; is that good?

Historically, the Kings have made the playoffs in 23 of their 41 seasons. 56% of the time.

They have gotten exactly 12 points in their first ten games nine times. In those nine seasons, they went to the playoffs five times (56% - exactly the overall average).

They have gotten more than 12 points six times, out of which they made the playoffs four times (67%).

They have managed less than 12 points twenty-six times, out of which they made the playoffs fourteen times (54%).

Which I guess means that doing this well doesn't improve the Kings chances by much (+2%). But doing any better than this increases the odds by more than 10%.

In the post-99 era, the Kings hit 12 or greater three times: 14 points in 05-06, 13 in 02-03 and 12 in 99-00. In the 99 era, they did it six times (failing twice): 12 in 88-89, 15 in 90-91, 12 in 91-92, 13 in 92-93, 12 in 93-94, 12 in 95-96. Pre-99, they did it six times, including the franchise best 17 points in 80-81. That team's record after ten games was 8-1-1. It was Jim Fox's rookie season, in which he played 71 games, tallying 18 goals and 24 assists.