Andy Strickland - Will Ottawa Refuse To Pay Heatley His Bonus?

Murray is telling people that if they’re stuck paying Heatley his signing bonus on July first then they won’t be moving him. How awkward will that be for Heatley and everyone else in the Senators organization if he ends up playing in Ottawa this season?

Which to me means they HAVE to move him now. Or at least, Bryan Murray has to feel that way. In other words, NOBODY (e.g. the Kings) should overpay for Heatley.

Things would really be interesting if Senators Owner Eugene Melnyk sticks to his threat of not paying Heatley his signing bonus if they are unsuccessful in moving him. A league source tells me Melnyk has said "There is no way we are paying him his $4 million bonus, I don’t care if he sues us." Who knows if Melnyk will follow through with such a claim? Can you blame him for being angry though?

Oh that's so funny.

I'm not so sure they can find a way to get around paying Heatley, but it gives fans a idea of how upset the club is at their star player. Ottawa has bent over backwards for Heatley since the day he was traded there. His career was at a crossroads when you consider his off-ice issues combined with a serious eye injury he suffered. Ottawa did everything to protect him from the media when Heatley was performing his community service hours which was required as part of his plea deal. They also hired and paid for a personal driver to chauffer Heatley around after he had his driver’s license suspended. The bottom line is Ottawa went above and beyond for Dany Heatley to revive his career and this is what they get in return. Sources with first hand knowledge of the Senators tell me the whole Heatley situation has made Melnyk "sick". There is no doubt he’s an awesome hockey player, but you can’t overlook what Ottawa has done to help this kid out.

But maybe he secretly has the Kings logo tattooed on his ass.

I think what Dean should say to Bryan Murray: "My offer is this: nothing, not even the fee for the gaming license, which I would appreciate if you would put up personally." Of course, Bryan Murray says no, and then he wakes up in a brothel with a dead hooker and Ron Hextall standing over him saying, "now all that's left is our friendship."

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