Battle of California provides hockey tip of the day

Now, I don't stick people in the nuts because it's unsporting. What I do instead, and this is only if the guy's a little bitch, is slide the end of my stick up and down the crack of his ass. It's distracting as hell and how do you complain about that? "What the fuck, Ref, goalie's putting his stick up my ass!" The guy didn't say anything but I know he was fucking furious because he got a pass wide open in front of the net and shot it right into me because he was holding his stick too tight. He took 4 whacks at me after the whistle until my defenseman took him out and then he whined to the ref again.

The weird thing is that it's a shitty league so you would think guys would be pretty chill, but it's the opposite: the guys in the higher end leagues don't usually whine or get cheap while the shitty guys act like it's the Goddamn NHL.

via Los Angeles Kings @ Detroit Red Wings GameThread, Oct 15, 2009 4:30 PM PDT - Battle of California.