Brian Boyle Throwing Punches at His Own Teammates -- via Ranger Rants

One thing to remember: hockey players fighting is not like you fighting with somebody, even a friend. For the most part, it’s a very swift current taking the water under the bridge. So Brian Boyle and Brandon Dubinsky lobbing a couple of punches at each other at today’s optional skate is not headline material. The two were quickly separated, even as Aaron Voros tried to get in on the action, and joked about it together soon after in the dressing room."We’re giving you stuff to write about," Dubinsky told the media as he passed by Boyle’s stall. "The stuff you write is so stale."Boyle, who missed Monday’s 3-1 win at Carolina after his back went out in the first period of Saturday’s 2-1 win at Philadelphia, said he was hoping to play tomorrow when the Rangers host the Panthers prior to their two-day Christmas break. But Boyle seemed to be walking pretty stiffly and coach John Tortorella might not be looking to change his lineup after a very solid game.

via Ranger Rants.