Brown makes no sense

"We need a better result and it's all about results now," Brown said. "That was a hell of a lot better than the St. Louis game and we have to build on that.

Except for the results, which were identical.

"That's a good team and they had a couple of chances and they capitalized and we had some good chances and missed.

I know. I was watching. But see "results" above.

That's the difference when you play a good team late in the season and that's something we need to build on."

What's something? We need to build on not getting results? Which is what it's all about? How do you build on that? You build on something that's good, you know, like a foundation. That's why you build on it. You can't build on something that should have happened and did happen to a better team but didn't happen to you.

Brown quotes via The closer things get, the shakier Kings look - My asinine comments via my brain.