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2012 NHL Lockout: Cautious Optimism Abounds

Yesterday's expanded player-owner meeting was called productive by both sides after moderates took the reins. We take a look at what may have changed, and how many owners could be on board.

NHL Lockout: When Did Lost Seasons Become Normal?

The NHL was the first to lose a whole season to a lockout. Now, the NHL might become the first league to lose two. When did we begin to get used to this madness?

2012 NHL Lockout: What Would Decertification Mean?

If owners take the threat to decertify seriously, this could produce results. Alternatively, they could continue to underestimate the players' resolve, react with more anger than sense, and kill the season over a paltry amount rather than cut a deal.

How To Cope With NHL Lockout News

Resist the drama, wait for details, and remember they're still talking. When all else fails, apply beer.

CBA Update: No Progress. 5 Stages Of Lockout Grief

The five stages of lockout grief – and the latest round of CBA meetings – in links and tweets.

Schenn to AHL on conditioning loan? Hmm.

Told You So 2.0 (WARNING: Kovalchuk content)

Secret Amendment to Article 1: "Shall" now means "might"

Are the league and the NHLPA circumventing the CBA? (hint: if the reports are true, the answer is yes)

Kovalchuk extension, and I think I know why

New wrinkle in Kovalchukopia

What I think is about to happen in this week's episode of "Kovalchuk"

P. Daddy: Lamoriello tries (the neighborhood of) 15 years; League says,

But That's Not What He Said