Chicago Blackhawks @ Los Angeles Kings Game 65 Recap: Losing streak snapped, win 6-3

“Winning feels good, that had gone on too long” - Kyle Clifford

Truth be told, I was expecting a win today. Weren’t we all? I mean, the boys can’t lose them all. Today felt very much like a great day where the Kings could break that 10-game debacle of a losing streak and play well on a Saturday afternoon. Also, it was about time that the veteran core would finally listen to Rob Blake and lead by example after they were 0-1-2 since calling them out.

Happy Days are here again! The Kings had five different goal scorers (Dustin Brown [2], Sean Walker, Ilya Kovalchuk, Adrian Kempe, Brendan Leipsic) and 10 players recorded points. Even Jeff Carter had two assists, returning to the score sheet after a 10-game absence.

Getting there wasn’t as easy as the 6-3 score would dictate. Today,  I exchanged texts throughout the game with my buddy Justin, a noted Kings hater and myopic Blackhawks supporter. The Text Bowl went something like this:

Justin: Careful, Hawks are looking to sweep California and Corey Crawford is baaaaaaak! I wonder if you’re missing Darryl Sutter right now.

Me: We’re looking to sweep the Hawks this season. That would be sad for you.

First Period

Kings 1. Hawks 0.

Kings 2. Hawks 0.

Me: 2-zip. You guys have nothing tonight.

Justin: When was the last time you held a lead? February? January?

Kings 3. Hawks 0.

Me: You were saying?

Justin: Lose For Hughes.

Kings 3. Hawks 1.

Justin: The comeback has begun.

End of Period.
Kings 3. Hawks 1.
Shots: Hawks 15. Kings 11.

Second Period

Kings 3. Hawks 2.

Justin: Perlini’s second!! Crow with the Apple!!

Me: You guys don’t really say apple in Chicago, do you?

Kings 3. Hawks 3.

Me: That wouldn’t have happened if Kurtis MacDermid were still in the AHL where he belongs.

Justin: I can’t tell if the game is in LA or Chicago. Did all of you sell your tickets on StubHub?

Me: Nobody really wants to live in Chicago in March anyway.

Kings 4. Hawks 3.

Justin: Hawks look like they’re deliberately trying to lose.

Me: What do you mean? Adrian Kempe was the Kings’s February player of the month.

Justin: You guys DO suck, don’t you.

Me: He has nice hair though.

Justin: You guys can’t even cash in your gift breakaways:

Me: We have a few anger management issues. You have a few beating the Kings issues.

End of Period.
Kings 4. Hawks 3.
Shots: Hawks 22. Kings 17.

Third Period

Me: Kings are 16-1-2 when they lead after two periods.

Justin: Well, the Hawks have six Stanley Cups.

Me: Only three of those count. Before 1968 there were only six teams and four made the playoffs.

Justin: Whatever...

Kings 5. Hawks 3.

Me: Are you sure Crawford is over his vertigo? Doesn’t look like it.

Justin: At this rate, you won’t be able to bash Willie Desjardins in your recap tonight.

Me: Trust me, I’ll have no problem.

Kings 6. Hawks 3.

Me: No, really. Who are the Hawks’ doctors?

Justin: Yeah yeah, you’re real funny. You should worry more about Drew Doughty playing half the games every night and not making it to next season in one piece.

Me: You should worry about Patrick Kane...he’s played 25 minutes too, and BTW, he’s a minus three! LMAO!

Justin: We miss Coach Q.

Me: No, seriously. Crawford raised his glove hand and it went over his blocker side. I think Corey is cooked.

FINAL: Kings 6. Hawks 3.
Shots: Kings 32. Hawks 25.

Justin: Don’t pat yourself on the back too hard, check out this one from someone smarter than both of us:

Next: The Kings host the Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday at Staples Center.


Kings REALLY need this guy:

Maybe we see Matt Luff on Tuesday: