Coyotes-Preds: Are you not entertained?

Most of the talk about the Western semis has been about how defensive-minded all the remaining teams are, with grumbles and snorts about how it's sure to be boring. Plus Quick and Halak and Rinne and Smith! It'll be too low-scoring!

It's true: the remaining goalies have a certain level of competence. They can reliably stop rubber objects smaller than a beachball. You never looked at 'em sideways like Fleury in that last round, wondering if they were stable enough to thwart a Pee Wee team.

But I'm watching Phoenix and Nashville go at it right now, and you know what? I like the tempo.

Nor do I think teams playing the Detroit-style are done. It's just the way it shook out this year.

So, goalies are probably gonna stick with skates instead of clownshoes over here. The D is also pretty.

Weber and Petro and OEL are hunks.

Deal with it!

What's your review of Game 1?

3 and 4 goals against? The goalies are terrible!2
The haters can suck it10