DET-LA Gameday Thread! Getting to know you edition

When Quisp asked me to do the gameday threads, he suggested I write a little into about myself. The main things that come to mind are a) I'm weird and b) my earliest Kings memories date back to when I was about two years old. We'd go sit up in the cheapest seats of the Forum, and I wouldn't be able to make it through the third period without falling asleep. When the crowd would cheer, I'd rouse for a bit, and drop right back off. I still miss the peanuts (and the peanut vendor).

My favorite player was #9, Bernie Nicholls. Here's another fact about me: that's not me in my profile pic, that's him. (I only wish I had that hair.) I met him when I was a little girl, and I'll never forget it. I also had a massive crush on him at the time. At first he thought my parents wanted to shake his hand (he couldn't see much in the crowd), and they had to point down at me.

What stands out to me the most was not all the points and goals, not his willingness to mix it up, but how much fun he seemed to have out there. He Pumpernicholled. He lit up. Everything was a joy. And that's where my hockey fandom truly began.

Let this thread be your bouncy castle/internet bar.