Exciting Kings Stats You Can't Get Anywhere Else!

Well, some of them you can. But most of these, you have to have a special kind of OCD to bother. In the chart that follows, numbers refer to jersey numbers (e.g. "when 11 scores" means "when Kopitar scores"), and numbers in parentheses separated by commas means "one or more of" the players in question (e.g. "When (11,23) scores" means "when at least one of Kopitar or Brown scores"). Oh, and "and" means "and" (i.e. "when x and y happens" means both have to happen).

Kings' Record 31-22-3
When a defenseman scores 14-2-0
When 23 or 11 score 19-5-1
When 14, 28 or 94 score 25-10-2
When (11,23) and (94,28,14) and D score 8-0-0
When 17 or 26 scores 7-8-0
When (11,23) and (17,26) score 5-2-0
When (94,28,14) and (17,26) score 6-3-0
No goals by 11,23,94,28,14 2-9-1
When any other forward scores 14-5-0
When Kings' PP outscores opponent's PP 11-2-0
Kings' PP and opponent's PP are even 18-10-3
When Kings' PP is outscored 2-10-0
Kings outshoot opponent 17-13-3
shots even 2-0-0
Kings outshot 12-9-0
Shots 30 or over 15-9-1
Shots for both teams 30 or over 6-1-0
Kings 30+ shots, opponent 29 or less 9-8-1
both teams under 30 shots 9-9-2
Kings under 30 shots, opponent 30 or over 7-4-0
Kings score 0 goals 0-3-1
Kings score 1 goal 2-7-1
Kings score 2 goals 2-6-1
Kings score 3 goals 9-4-0
Kings score 4 goals or more 18-2-0
Opponents score 2 goals or fewer 24-6-2
Opponents score 3 goals or more 7-16-1
Both teams, 2 or fewer goals 4-6-2

Some observations:

  • Jarret Stoll, Ryan Smyth or Justin Williams score in 25 of the Kings' 31 wins.
  • When Stoll, Smyth, Williams, Anze Kopitar or Dustin Brown don't score, the Kings are very likely to lose.
  • When the Kings' powerplay outscores their opponent's powerplay, the Kings win nearly all the time.
  • When the Kings' powerplay is not outscored by their opponents' (i.e. even or better), the Kings are 29-12-3. When the PP is outscored, 2-10-0.
  • The Kings do not do much better than .500 when they get more than 30 shots and their opponent gets less than 30. But, they win nearly all the time when both teams get 30 shots or more. They are dead even when both teams get fewer than 30 shots. And they do extremely well when they get fewer than 30 and their opponent gets more than 30. This surprised me. Shot-fest, good. Out-shot, good. Even, a wash. nobody shooting, a wash.
  • This suggests that the Kings benefit from a more wide-open game, doesn't it? Maybe not, but it sure looks that way.
  • The Kings almost certainly will lose if they score two goals or less (4-16-3).
  • The Kings almost certainly will win if they score three goals or more (27-6-0).
  • I was surprised to see that the Kings are 2-6-2 when scoring 2 goals. Since they are an excellent defensive team, I expected two goals-for to net a better outcome.
  • When a defenseman scores, the Kings almost certainly will win (14-2-0).
  • They also do very well if a forward that's not one of the big seven (Kopitar, Brown, Smyth, Stoll, Williams, Handzus, Simmonds) scores, 14-5-0.

I've got this chart automatically updating as each new game's data are entered. I'm planning on adding shots-by-player and blocked shots, when I get some time. If there's anything else you want me to track, speak up in comments.