From letsgosharks: To Marleau or Not to Marleau

Patrick Marleau traded! No, no he hasn't been. But, can you imagine the response if that headline were to become true? Can you see it - "The San Jose Sharks deal their longtime captain for a bag of pucks!" Ok so they won't get any galvanized rubber for him but realistically what would they get you ask?

Well, I will tell you what they won't get and that is equal value!

Marleau has just come off his best regular season. Yes, he had 38 goals and played the best defense of any forward on this team. The guy's God-given speed and size were used to his utmost this season. Marleau makes more defensive saves than any other forward on the roster. I cannot count how many times he had to go back and make a defensive play on a turnover or on a play of quick transition.

The rumor mill is already circulating that GM Doug Wilson is going to deal Marleau. Rumors are that Wilson may deal him for a draft pick.

Great!!!!!!!! That's exactly what this team needs is a guy that wont be able to help for 2 or 3 seasons. Let's be honest and use our noggins folks. Marleau has more skills than most players. He led the team in goals. He is the team's all-time leader in virtually everything. So the team hasn't managed to breakthrough in the post season so let's deal him for a draft pick!

Why is that smart?

Answer - it isn't!

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