Game Day #63: Kings-Canadiens Preview

Los Angeles Kings v Montreal Canadiens (Staples Center)

Time: 7:30 PM

TV: RDS, Fox Sports West

Enemy reading: Habs Eyes on the Prize

Canadiens (projected) lineup:




Injured: Carey Price, Brandon Prust, Michael Bournival; Scratched: Francis Bouillon, George Parros

Kings (projected) lineup:




Injured: n/a; Scratched: Matt Greene, Matt Frattin, Matt Jordan Nolan

Game Notes:

  • Okay, I changed my mind. The most hilarious Mike Cammalleri trade scenario would be if the Flames sent him to Montreal before this game, the Habs traded him to the Kings mid-game, and then he ended up just being driven in circles around the arena for the entire third period. Pierre Gauthier, as it turns out, has been lurking in the bowels of the Staples Center this entire time, laughing maniacally and possibly playing dire organ music.
  • Old friend/handsome man Davis Drewiske was sent down to the AHL Hamilton Bulldogs today after clearing waivers, so there will be no pictures of Davis Drewiske in a suit tonight. Very upsetting.
  • Olympic hero Carey Price was just placed on IR in what is being described as a roster move, but I still can't find any definite information on what is wrong with him. Maybe he is exhausted from lifting his gold medal to show it to Max Pacioretty, American non-medallist?? I think it is a distinct possibility. At any rate, Peter Budaj will be manning the Habs' net tonight. He has performed well during the Habs' recent hot streak, but he remains Peter Budaj.
  • Speaking of the Habs' recent hot streak, they are 7-1-2 in their last ten, and now sit second in the Atlantic with 75 points (one more than the Kings). They've played fairly well, but their last two wins against the Penguins and the Leafs were extremely sloppy, and they've also benefitted from a recent sky-high PDO.
  • Living with a Habs fan has taught me that the number one easiest way to make a Habs fan cry is to talk about Douglas Murray a lot. Good wholesome fun for the whole family - I encourage you to try it.
  • One area where the Habs have a definite edge tonight is in special teams, as they sport a very good PK (85.2% compared to the Kings' 82.8% - which, as we've discussed previously here, has likely been artificially propped up by very good goaltending) and a slightly above-average PP (20% compared to the Kings' sparkling 14%).
  • The Kings lineup remains intact from the weekend victory against the Hurricanes, because Darryl Sutter is Darryl Sutter. Notably, Tanner Pearson, fresh off of one of his best NHL games thus far, gets a chance to stay on the second line and see if he can continue to do well. The third line, which was very strong against the Hurricanes, will also be hoping to replicate their success.
  • ~Fun with Numbers~ from Extra Skater. That thing I said about the Fenwick close chart for the Kings and the Flames not touching applies again here. The Habs have closed a lot of the gap recently, but it's still not close. Also, check out that player usage chart - seriously, Douglas Murray gets paid to do that. I really wish he were still a Shark.
  • Prediction: Kings win 6-0, because that was fun/funny and I'd like to see it again, and somebody punches Brendan Gallagher in his annoying face (with no resultant injury), because I would also enjoy that.