Hilarious Kings Infographic Educates Local TV Reporters About Players, Pucks, 45 Year Residence in LA

The Los Angeles Kings have been around since 1967. The talking heads on our local TV shows? Well, they're still figuring it out.

First, the local NBC station posted a logo for the Sacramento Kings basketball team in place of our beloved hockey club's. (Basketball is not only a completely different sport -- who'd believe Sacramento would still be in the playoffs?) Not to be outdone, CBS LA represented our mascot Bailey as the inferior Sacramento lion. But the biggest information trainwreck came courtesy of Fox Channel 11, whose cue-card mangling reporter wins the award for most cringeworthy gaffes per minute. Try to watch this without laughing:

That "Anze Kopidor" scored a really sweet touchdown! It sure is great when the Kings have the ball! But the best part of the match is when #8, Brad Doty, says "Not Tonight!" to Shane Doan. That showed him!

Since some people still need to grasp the basics of this "ice ball" stuff, the LA Kings media relations team sprung into action and created a handy informational guide. When they're not enraging an entire province of Canada with their cheeky jokes, or giving Dwight Schrute his tickets encased in jell-o, they're pretty great educators.


View the full infographic here. We even learn what a puck is. Tremendous work.

Want to know more about Kopidor, Doty, Trey Lew, Ignatio Quick, and their stalwart captain Braun? Check out Rudy's guide at Battle of Kalidornia.