How Many Rounds?: Oilers 3, Kings 2 (SO)

The only exciting part of the game against the Edmonton Oilers last night began with Dustin Brown's first goal and ended with the final horn ending overtime. The first 50-odd minutes of the game were... mundane to say the least, but perhaps the shootout was more mundane. No, I take that back. I appreciated Erik Ersberg and Jeff Deslauriers' attempts at poke checking during the shootout, but man, it was getting a bit tedious with the crappy attempts. I guess if it had to be anyone to end the game, I'm not completely pissed with it being Lubo Cookie who did it. The Los Angeles Kings picked up a point, so that's a positive, but there's definitely room for improvement.

Question: Was it me or did the first unit of the PP get carte blanche with how long they could stay out on the ice?

Also, I'm curious as to why the entire arena was screaming foul when Drew Doughty was assessed an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty. He shot the puck past Deslauriers after the net was knocked off the moorings. That's a penalty. End of story. I personally objected to Deslauriers trying to rip Doughty's head off, but that's just me.

Apologies for the short post; I'm still trying to get over this cold.