How to Get Clicks: "Kings Chasing Brad Richards?" (click) "No."

[UPDATE: Sorry, no. Look closer. It says "how to get clicks," not "how to get chicks." UPDATE-UPDATE: No, the purpose of the update is not to get clicks from people googling "chicks."]

Daily Debate: Kings chasing Brad Richards? Who's left on trade market? - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Burnside: [...] The Stars are now officially outside the playoff bubble, with one win in their past 10 games. Is there any doubt GM Joe Nieuwendyk will try to move highly coveted center Brad Richards?

My answer: yes (yes, there is doubt; not yes they will try to move him). Obviously, he thinks otherwise.

The issue is Richards is out with a concussion.


I know you had contact with the former playoff MVP and he's feeling better, but what will his market value be given the injury? It's bad news for Nieuwendyk, who will have to find a willing partner and then convince Richards to accept a deal. A tough situation, but with so few impact offensive players available as traditional rentals, you have to figure someone will take a run at a player who, when healthy, can make a dramatic impact on a team's playoffs chances.

As Rudy pointed out in the comments here somewhere, that's a strange dialogue he's having with himself. And LeBrun.

LeBrun: [...] As GM, there is no question he has to see what's out there for Richards. The team is fading fast and the forward is set to become an unrestricted free agent July 1. The Stars must get value in return. It's complicated by Richards' injury, but he told me yesterday via text he was feeling better. Still, he also has a no-movement clause. Will he agree to waive it? Tough to tell.

But...isn't that what the other guy just said? The story so far:

"Is Richards going to be traded?"

"Probably not."


"I also was wondering the same thing. It seems like he might."

"I know!"

"But he probably won't."

(sad) "I know."

But if and when trade talks with Richards get heated, you can bet the Los Angeles Kings will be among the teams chatting with the Stars.

That's thrilling. To be a fan of a team that's among the teams chatting.

[...] The clock is ticking and the Kings have yet to make their long-anticipated move.

Except the anticipation is the media's. They keep anticipating it, it keeps not happening, they keep anticipating. It's making them wait.

LeBrun: Some media reports have linked the Kings to Stastny, but a source told me that, as of Tuesday night, there had not been any conversations between the two clubs regarding Stastny.

Shocking, I know. Because that means (gasp) someone made the whole thing up!

Of course, all that can change with one phone call[...]

My new favorite phrase. Must remember to add it to the "rumor-o-matic." Seriously, he's saying, "Here is a story that was reported as true which turns out to be false. However -- and this is the key -- just because it's totally made-up bulls*** doesn't mean there isn't a chance it won't come true at any second! Stay tuned!"

A lie is just something that isn't true yet.