I feel like saying this over and over until it happens

We've been batting this idea around for several months now. Most recently in the comments of this post:

Kings 5, Blues 0 - Post-game Bullets - Jewels From The Crown

"It’s weird, Stoll’s line really needs a winger who can carry the puck into the zone with speed, chip it around the defender, and dig the puck out of the corner. …Isn’t the best person for that job Jarret Stoll? Then Loki is in the middle and oh God it makes too much sense!" -- RudyKelly

The line he's thinking of is Jarret Stoll - Andrei Loktionov - Trevor Lewis. The center line. If they were all Russian, we could call them the Center Red Line.

Maybe Stoll would change his name to Stoli. That's probably his nickname anyway, right?