I keep hearing it's going to take 97 or 98 points to get into the playoffs in the West

But when I look at the numbers, I think it's going to be more like 93-96, 93 being much less likely than, say, 95, which is what I would bet on if I had to pick a number (and since 95.5 is not possible). I think people might be forgetting to factor in how many times the competing teams will be playing each other. If you take the most conservative threshold and assume the Kings need to get to 96 points to be assured of a spot, you're looking at a record of 8-11-2 from this point forward. However, 100-106 points is the mostly likely range for the Kings, unless of course the wheels fall off, just like they did the last time we had an Olympic break -- but it's better not to think about that, I think. I'd rather focus on the upper end of possibility:

105 is the previous franchise record ('74-75, in an 80 game season).