UPDATE: Stoll gets the weekend off [poll]

...who takes his place?

  • Oscar Moller, a natural center who has been playing right wing for the last two or three seasons. He can obviously play the position, but center carries huge defensive responsibilities in Terry Murray's system, and my guess is he would be hesitant to throw Oscar to those wolves.
  • Brayden Schenn. Yes, he plays center. Yes, he has eight games of NHL experience at center (which is more than Moller). Terry Murray (back in October) voiced concerns about his defensive coverage as well. Whether Kings management think he's come along since then is anybody's guess.
  • Somebody else from Manchester. ... er ... like who? Andrei Loktionov is hurt. Corey Elkins (3 or 4 games NHL experience)? Justin Azevedo (none)? Jordan Weal (a healthy scratch in last night's Manchester game)? Jordan Nolan? Okay, forget it. There is no somebody else in Manchester.
  • Somebody else on the Kings? Peter Harrold? That was a joke. But which Kings forwards have played center? The only one I can think of (besides Kevin Westgarth) is Dustin Penner. And, you know what, maybe that is the cure for what ails him. Or would it be the straw that breaks his back? Terry Murray isn't crazy about Dustin Penner's defensive coverage either. And that's at wing.

So what do you think?

Who is Jarret Stoll's understudy?