It's a good thing I don't pay too much attention to what he says

Murray talks lineup choices " LA Kings Insider

(on keeping Westgarth in the lineup…) MURRAY: "We know it’s going to be a real revved-up series, a real hard series. Everything I read, from the San Jose players talking, it’s going to be a bit of a gong show, with fighting. I’m reading about Clowe’s bloody nose and Ben Eager all over the place and Mayers fighting. So we’re going to gear ourselves up for that kind of a game. We’ll keep Westgarth in the lineup. That’s the way they’re setting it up, so we’re going to be ready to battle."

I don't really believe that Terry Murray develops his coaching strategy by reading the other team's local sports section. And, even if I did believe that, I am pretty sure Terry Murray wouldn't announce his strategy in the press. And even if I believed that, I don't think he would admit that he's listening to what they're saying and adjusting accordingly.

The only conclusion is that Terry Murray is some kind of evil genius.

It has also occurred to me:

A game that gets out of control is a much bigger risk for the Sharks than for the Kings. Our leading scorer is already hurt.