Los Angeles Kings Acquire Jarome Iginla from Colorado for a Conditional Draft Pick

The 39-year-old waived his NMC to get another shot at the playoffs.

Over the course of the morning, it became clear that Dean Lombardi and the Los Angeles Kings only had eyes for one forward. It’s Jarome Iginla.

Iginla, obviously, is a legend; 619 career goals, 1291 career points, and a 39-year-old who’s only missing one thing in his career: a Stanley Cup. It wasn’t going to happen with the Colorado Avalanche, and though the odds are it won’t happen in Los Angeles, there is a chance!

LA’s intentions for the trade deadline were to find someone to play with Anze Kopitar. Given the cap hit and the dearth of forwards who can be had without a prospect going the other way, this might be the guy. I expressed misgivings about the idea earlier, but then I checked the shooting percentages...

Iginla seems more likely than Trevor Lewis or the dearly departed Dwight King to provide goals on Kopitar’s wing. Not passing, not general possession, not defense, but goals. And this trade will be judged solely on the goals that come from Iginla, and from the line he plays on. Can he find some offense a la Vincent Lecavalier? It’s not far-fetched.

More analysis to come.

UPDATE, 10:30 AM: The conditional 2018 pick may not even be a pick. If the Kings miss the playoffs and don’t re-sign Jarome, they lose nothing. So that’ll make us feel better if LA misses out, right? It won’t? Yeah, you’re right, it won’t.