You can buy a personalized message from Jeff Carter

Proceeds will benefit an LA dog rescue.

Struggling to come up with a socially distant gift to give a 2020 graduate you know? Maybe you had anniversary plans centered around a Kings game that fell through?

Jeff Carter has your back. He’s offering personalized video messages for any occasion, and donating the proceeds to local dog rescue, Wags & Walks.

Now, the price tag is a little hefty, coming in at a crisp $100, but it’s going to a great cause. Wags & Walks have helped save over 5,000 dogs since forming in 2011. They aim to decrease number of dogs euthanized, particularly by educating people about all breeds of dogs and ending stigmas that certain dogs can’t be homed. Your money could certainly go to worse places that that. And you get a personal video with a very charming toothless grin! Sounds like a decent return.

Now, I have to note that the messages are limited to 25 words, so you have to be very succinct, and it has to be approved by the Kings public relations before Carter will record it, so it’s not like you can get him to say whatever you want. I’m also not sure how long this will be offered, as the link provided goes to a square-site page that was made to run the transaction and there isn’t a press release. Snag it now, while you’re thinking about it, or it might not be there when you get back!

If you do miss out — or perhaps this isn’t in your budget or maybe you hate dogs (don’t hate dogs, dogs are great) — you have other options to hear directly from players.

Though not too many hockey players are available on the platform, former Kings goalie Peter Budaj, Kings/Reign goaltender Calvin Petersen and Kings prospect Akil Thomas all offer personalized video messages on Cameo, and the price tag runs between $20-$50. It’s more budget-friendly, but again, that goes to the players, while Carter is doing this for charity.

Think of it as meeting your favorite player, but practicing social distancing while doing so.

And if you get a message, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!