Jewels from the Quarantine: Sarah’s Picks

You’ve got a lot of spare time, right?

To help you find ways to fill the void of hockey — and, let’s be real, most of your other extracurricular activities, too — we’ve polled Jewels from the Crown contributors on some of their favorite distractions. Whether it’s books, TV shows, or new things to learn, we’ve got lots of ideas for you.

Podcasts: I am notoriously bad at listening to podcasts in general, especially if I’m not commuting on a train like usual. But I have been enjoying “You’re Wrong About,” from writers Mike Hobbes and Sarah Marshall, where they examine events of the past that were perhaps misrepresented in the media, or that the collective public has just completely misremembered. Past topics include the DC sniper case, the OJ Simpson trial, human trafficking, Tonya Harding, etc. I also enjoy anything from the McElroy family, for when I need something I don’t have to concentrate all too hard on, or am in desperate need of a chuckle.

Books: I recently devoured Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. Necromancers, high fantasy/sci-fi written in an accessibly contemporary way, super weird things done with bone, mystery, intrigue, a murder mystery, characters who are jerks and know it and you love them for it anyway — I loved the whole thing and am desperate for the sequel to come out so I can get my hands on it. For a more relevant read, I’m taking the hockey break to read about hockey; specifically, Bob Miller’s Tales from the Los Angeles Kings Locker Room, to brush up on some franchise history as told by a legend.

Movies: I just watched Portrait of a Lady on Fire the other night and sobbed my face off at the end. A period drama about French women who fall in love is, you know, probably the last thing one would expect to see recommended on a sports blog, but come on, y’all know me, right? It’s an absolutely gorgeous movie that I’m still thinking about days later and if you’re looking for an exploration of falling in love, navigating being a woman at a period in time where you had few choices over your life, and what it truly means to have to say goodbye, then check it out.

TV Shows: I have like one episode left of Letterkenny to watch and then I’m out of episodes, which is a tragedy. (I can’t speak to the super-niche Canadian accuracy of the rest of the show but the hockey players, Reilly and Jonesy, are perfect.) I’m planning on starting Star Trek: Picard next, and then maybe finally get around to watching Fargo. (The now-postponed upcoming season was filmed in Chicago, so I wanted to get around to watching the rest of the show before that debuts.)

Food: Please help, I’m already out of quarantine snacks.

Music: New Zealand-based singer-songwriter Nadia Reed’s new album, Out Of My Province, is fantastic and something I’ve been listening to on repeat. I finally got a record player earlier this year, so I’m looking forward to diving in to all the vinyl I’ve been toting around for the past 10+ years of moves, but didn’t quite have a way to play.

Fun Social Distancing Task So Far: Like apparently everyone else on earth, I’m taking the time to learn how to make bread. Except, I realized today, I don’t really even like bread that much, so instead I mixed up some dough tonight to make some cinnamon sugar twists. I’m going to knit a shawl. It’s probably going to be mediocre. I’m also trying to foster a dog, since I now have infinite time at home to make sure that my cats don’t terrorize the pup, but shelters here are in the amazing position of having more volunteers than available dogs.

A quick note from me: my tenure as managing editor here is now done, as we’ve run out the clock on the extra months SB Nation allowed us non-employees to run California sites. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with this group of writers and I’m so thankful to have had the experience of running this site and bringing you great Kings content every day. I’ll still be around, probably focusing more on prospects than I’ve had time to in recent years. But you’re in good hands with Sie, who you’ve been seeing more from on the site lately. Be great to Sie, and to all of the other new faces that join the fun around here. It’s been a blast, y’all.