"Kind of beer bellyish"?

Fan snaps unflattering photo of Dustin Penner: "Looked kind of beer bellyish." | Edmonton Journal
Hockey fan Mariah C, who goes by @camfaller on Twitter, took a photograph of former Oiler and current Los Angeles King forward Dustin Penner last week, one that doesn’t show Penner in his best light. If the image is to be believed, Penner is, well, somewhat rotund heading into the 2011-12 hockey season. Here is what Mariah said of her Penner photograph: "That picture was just taken on Saturday. I was personally a bit surprised by his stomach. Looked kind of beer bellyish." The image was posted on the PuckDaddy blog of Greg Wyshynki [sic]. What has Mariah heard from Kings fans? "Surprisingly, I got no responses from Kings fans. Besides my dad who eye-rolled and said ‘Aw shit."

Here's a response for you:

  • A guy volunteers his time, and his name, to support a charity event raising money to fight brain cancer, and you take the opportunity to snap photos of him with his shirt off and publish them on the internet because you think he's fat?
  • Hockey players are known for giving back to their communities. In theory, that "community" includes you. Show some respect.
  • I see (from your Facebook page) that you are an 18 year old Ducks fan. When you grow up, maybe you'll get why it's wrong to invade peoples' workplace and attempt to expose what you perceive to be their short-comings, and/or embarrass them publicly -- at the expense of their careers, no less -- for your own amusement.
  • All professional athletes have a weight problem. It's called having to perpetually deprive and exert oneself in order to be in the elite physical condition required to perform Herculean feats every two days for ten or twenty years running, while normal people are happily pounding down mass quantities of potato skins and beer (or pick your poison) and surreptitiously snapping funny pictures of celebrities with their phones.
  • Unless you're a physically flawless specimen of human conditioning -- which, hey, maybe you are -- I would be careful. People in glass houses, etc.
  • People already think Ducks fans are stupid. You're not doing yourself any favors.
  • Actually, I take that back. I don't think a real hockey fan would do something like that.