Kings-Canucks Preview: The showdown of the season

I can't wait.

It's that time again, folks! Today we will witness the most anticipated showdown of the season: LA Kings Twitter versus the Vancouver Fanbase!

It's a battle of wits, and only one side is armed! Who will survive with their composure and Stanley Cup videos intact? Oh, you mean they don't have anything besides EA Sports sims to work with?

Shoot. I guess this contest is always gonna be a little unfair.

Los Angeles Kings vs Vancouver Canucks (Staples Center)

Time: 1.00 PM Pacific

TV: Fox Sports West

Seats: Los Angeles Kings tickets

Enemy reading: Nucks Misconduct

Canucks (projected) lineup:


Injured: Kesler, Kassian, Booth

Kings (projected) lineup:


Injured: Mitchell, Greene

  • Neither side has announced their starting goalie, but Schneider has been the better netminder for the Canucks lately, and Quick is coming off a great performance despite the loss. If he does get the start, expect Quick to be highly motivated to avenge one of his worst outings in net earlier in March.
    Alex Edler was suspended two whole games for running into Mike Smith, so he's out. The Department of Player Safety has been touchy about goalie contact ever since they royally screwed up the Lucic/Miller situation, but two games is a bit much. Mike Smith routinely abuses the protection given to goalies, hacking and shoving and flopping to draw phantom interference calls. I thought Edler might get one game, but he also deserves a thank you note and a fruit basket.
  • Tom Sestito should be in, so pencil in a random fight with Jordan Nolan. Sesito's role on the Canucks is to be heavily outshot even while given the most sheltered minutes possible. Mike Gillis uses stat analysis, but I bet they didn't advise him on this.
  • Mike Richards was absent from yesterday's practice, but he's expected to play. Given the packed schedule in March, more vets will probably be given extra rest anytime they need it.
  • Kopitar's line has put in some uneven performances lately, and the Kings need a turnaround on that ASAP. They can't dominate a strong team like the Canucks without their best line clicking.
  • It's a Dreaded Afternoon Game, but on the other hand, the Kings blitzed Colorado the last time they played at 1 pm. Can we please start a new streak?
  • Go Kings Go/