Kings-Coyotes Preview: Up in the air

Since we last had twelve fights and no damn goals against the Phoenix Coyotes...

IN: The Coyotes recalled Alex Bolduc and David Rundblad from the AHL. Martin Elbow-y Hanzal was hurt in his last game but is expected to be pressed into service.

OUT: Schlemko (foot), Pyatt and Klesla (upper body), Chipchura (wrist). Derek Morris took a leave of absence.

These were my notes for possible Kings lines:

Someone not Penner-Kopitar-???



???-???-Bailey the Lion?

I wasn't far wrong.

It's fitting that in this general atmosphere of madcap uncertainty, both coaches weren't sure about their lineups this morning.

You know why people repeat cliches like "one shift at a time"? Because using your brain in sports doesn't really help. Cliches at least distract the mind from what is unhelpful. And right now the Kings have an anxiety problem.

Anxiety, stress, and tension are normal. It only interferes with performance if the performer becomes self-conscious.

Shooting the puck hasn't been the issue. The Kings dominated possession in their last two games, against these Coyotes included, and now they just have to get out of their own heads long enough reap the rewards. There's no curse, there's no secret ingredient, there's just going out and playing with the instincts they've honed over a lifetime of practice. Get it on net.