Kings-Ducks: You Again?

Since we last met the Anaheim, last night...

Dan Ellis will face off against Jonathan Quick in net this time around. Other than Richardson replacing Hunter, there's precious little to update. So let's take a look back at the last game!

1. Head to Head Time on Ice

Doughty, Johnson, and Kopitar's line were sent out against Ryan, Perry, and Getzlaf.
Mitchell, Voynov, and Richards's line faced Selanne and Koivu.
Scuderi, Greene, and Stoll's line had a few minutes against everyone.

2. Scuderi and Greene were sent out for the most defensive zone faceoffs, Voynov and Mitchell for the most in the offensive zone.

3. Corsi/Fenwick totals: Unsurprisingly, the team as a whole did well. Even Johnson had good possession numbers! Woo hoo.

There's nothing left to do but keep working on generating quality chances. Odds are their even strength shooting percentage will correct.

I prescribe less stick-squeezing. That sounds disreputable anyhow.