Kings Links - Back to the Future

Is there an arrest warrant out for Quick yet?

So the theme of today's post is... drum roll please... a jump back in time! Ok, it's really not but I needed a title so there you have it.

In 2012, Jonathan Quick fired up the Delorean, jumped in and came forward to 2014 when he knew his team would need him because they would play like... well like they do (did?) in 2012 (as in, zero offense, but pretty good on the defense... Minus the whole penalty thing).

Kings News

We've all seen the GIF and the video of Tyler Toffoli's beautiful shorthanded goal. But have you watched it six million times in slow-mo yet? No? Well start now.

LA Kings Insider

POSTGAME AUDIO: CLIFFORD, HIGHLIGHTS, INSIDER REPORT Listen to Kyle Clifford talk about how amazing Quick was last night. And other stuff about the game.

WAKING UP WITH THE KINGS: OCTOBER 17 Rosen nicely recaps the game for us and talks about how good the Kings' PK last night, which was perfect, despite evidence that the team was, in fact, trying very hard to give up a power play goal (at least that's my assumption given the amount of penalties they took).

Thx Bud

I don't know who specifically made this GIF, but it's really fantastic.

Kopitar and Williams framing the brilliance.


One interesting statistic to come out of last night's game... Seriously, Jeff Carter is a god and should be worshipped as one because holy shit, all he does is score.

In Other News

SBNation NHL

THE OTHER CROSBY A cool story about Taylor Crosby and how she's carving her own path as a hockey player.

Winging It In Motown

Report: What Does Phil Kessel do for a Living? Oh my God the responses to this are just fantastic.

Speaking of... gave the sniper the NHL '94 treatment and it is glorious.

St. Louis Game Time

Recap: Blues Dominate Kings 0-0, Lose In Sideshow Because Why Not? They're kinda pissed over there and the post is kinda on the negative side despite the many positives for their team, but whatevs.

Copper & Blue

Seven Games To Save His Job? Dallas Eakins could be on the hot seat if this homestand does not go well.

Pension Plan Puppets

I made Mike Fisher's disgusting spaghetti casserole so you don't have to A hilarious reaction to a terrible recipe.