Kings Links - Leafing It??, NHL Medical Oddities, Jagr Statue

Were the Kings attempting to Leaf it last night? Also, some strange illnesses have occurred in the NHL.

That was um bad last night. But good news, the Los Angeles Kings have a chance at redeeming themselves and building off their excellent win from Saturday.

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NOVEMBER 12 POSTGAME QUOTES: DARRYL SUTTER If you haven't read these yet, these are GOLD.

NOVEMBER 12 POSTGAME NOTES "The last time the Kings scored five goals and lost was a 6-5 home shootout loss to San Jose on April 5, 2012." So, promising things are on the horizon.

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The Relationship of Defense and Goaltending Does a good defense make a good goalie or does a good goalie make a good defense? Or is it a symbiotic relationship? Jason Lewis spoke to a goalie and the Manchester Monarchs beat writer for Mayor's Manor, Andy Tonge.

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Mumps, welding torch burns and popcorn disasters: The NHL’s oddest medical issues From popcorn burns to the mumps, there have been some odd medical related things happen in the NHL.

Jaromir Jagr’s legend grows as he’s made into giant marzipan statue OK this is pretty awesome, especially if you have a love for the amazing, Czech winger.