Kings Links 10/3: The Stanley Cup Visits An Inspiring Girl

Daryl Evans brings the cup to a young hockey player in recovery -- plus taking NHL 13 to task, ranking highest trade values, and more news and notes from around the league

Kings News

Yesterday, the Sanley Cup made a special visit to a courageous young hockey player, 9-year-old Genny Shepler. Genny fell from a great height while hiking, suffering severe head injuries that caused her to slip into a coma for eleven days. Though she has a lot of rehab ahead of her, this determined young lady is now in recovery, re-learning how to walk and speak.

Daryl Evans and mascot Bailey were there to present the Cup to her and a crowd of excited people at the hospital, and Daryl promised to take her out on the ice so she could show him some moves. Genny plays for one of the Lady Reign teams in Riverside.

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The Los Angeles Kings won't have the Cup for much longer this year, but I'm so glad they did this. The Stanley Cup is a special trophy that has the power to inspire so many, but kids like Genny inspire us even more. Great job.

More Links

Quisp researches the history of Cup petitions, and when it comes to players who actually participated in playoff games, the Kings' failure to make an effort for Loktionov is pretty damning. [McSorley's Stick]

Congrats to prospect Colin Miller, just named captain of the Soo Greyhounds. [Soo Today]

Ian Clark on the Monarchs' roster taking shape. The first preseason game is Friday. [Union Leader]

Voynov did turn up in Manchester after all. Here's photo evidence! [Mayors Manor]

Dustin Penner does have the best Twitter, but there are posts every time he teases someone now. [NBC Washington] At least Conan O'Brien learned his lesson.

Lockout Reads, or: The Jacobs/Bettman Faction is leading us over a cliff

An argument that it makes too little economic sense for the owners to burn a whole season, given what the players are offering. [NHL Numbers]

Alas, an failure of leadership might mean the hardliners don't pay heed to that. The factions are Jacobs (BOS) versus Dolan (NYR), but Bettman's side only needs eight votes to block anything. [Elliotte Friedman]

A new biography of Gary Bettman came out this week. More insight into the character of a man who could become the NHL's "emperor for life." Eep. [NY Times]

Sorry, Pierre. Kopitar > Toews

I asked Twitter, "Why is Kopitar ranked so much lower than Toews in NHL 13?" and Xanubisdoji delivered. It's an outraaaage. [The Curious Case of Kopitar in NHL 13]

A detailed rundown of players with the most trade value. Kopitar beats Toews there! Ha! [Angus Certified]

Kopitar is better than Toews. I dare anyone to prove otherwise. Use your eyes! Use your DVRs! Do you hear me, Selke voters?