Kings now "bridesmaids" at Nash Hootenanny? Oh no!

The Fourth Period :: Philadelphia Flyers :: Flyers looking at Kings' Johnson?

If James van Riemsdyk does hit the ice at Wells Fargo Center, it immediately puts back on line a deal that was rumored before the winger was sidelined a concussion that has caused him to miss 15 consecutive games. The Los Angeles Kings appear to be a bridesmaid again for the top prize in the market in Nash sweepstakes

Really? Well, that's kind of a relief. Or is it? I'm so confused.

and hold severe reservations about the contract and character of his teammate, Jeff Carter. As a result, Los Angeles' front office will have their collective eyes keenly peeled on van Riemsdyk's first game effort, whenever that return will be. The Flyers are not in need of the Kings' biggest bargaining chip in goaltender Jonathan Bernier, but the feeling now is they would accept Jack Johnson in exchange for the forward.

When in doubt trade for an injured player, or a Flyer, or better yet: an injured Flyer.

[...] Observers have doubts that Los Angeles, a team that many thought would win the Pacific Division, will even make the post season. "Is it time to hit the panic button? No, but management has to make a statement that the organization is serious about winning," a West Coast source said after last night's game. "You can't fight for a playoff spot down the stretch in the West with two rookies that have little speed on the second line with Mike Richards. If it takes moving Johnson for a skilled winger, the Kings are almost forced to do it at this point."

Just the fact that the Kings are "almost forced" to do it makes me hope they don't. Wouldn't it be great if the Kings made no deals at all, and then suddenly the offense came alive and Dustin Penner started scoring and they even won a round or two in the playoffs? Or if pigs could fly?